Meng Le

Hometown: Shrewsbury, MA

Favorite inspirational quote: He who conquers others is strong. He who conquers himself is mighty. - Lao Tzu

When/where/with who was your first yoga class? My first yoga class was a Wednesday night gentle restorative class at Metrowest in Westboro in 2010.

What / who inspires you? People who are passionate about helping others

What I love most about yoga is: Nothing else brings me closer to peace and contentment!

What you can’t live without? Being able to see, I am a visual person and I can't live without being able to draw or appreciate art.

What you might not know about me: I love museums.

Best advice you’ve ever received (from who?): My parents regularly tell me to be grateful for what I have!

My favorite book: The Unbearable Lightness of Being

Favorite Word: Zen

Local escape: Burlington, VT

My favorite thing to do (other than yoga): Going for long walks or hikes

Meng Le instructs the following:
  • Gentle Restorative - Candlelight (No Heat)
  • A meditative and gentle practice, including stretching asanas (poses) to increase flexibility and release stress. A perfect choice for anyone looking to reduce stress, recover from injury, cope with arthritis, and prepare for pregnancy. (No Heat)

  • Shakti Flow - Slow (Mild Heat)
  • Shakti is described as the “divine force, manifesting to destroy demonic forces and restore balance. This Vinyasa class is taught by senior teachers and will step outside our standard Vinyasa format. Each class has a different theme or focus and no two classes are exactly identical requiring students to cultivate an even greater sense of “present moment” attention and focus. There is an assumption you have practiced before and class will move at a quicker pace than slow flow. Be prepared to sweat and feel empowered.  (Mild Heat)

  • Extra Slow Flow (no heat)
  • This class was designed by Cote and Zef as a way to open the body before a long climb or release it afterward. It’s fantastic for athletes who are looking already working out every day and are looking for a less vigorous style of yoga that will keep their bodies flexible and the range of motion needed to excel at their sport. All levels - not heated. (No Heat)

  • MYoga Hot Hatha (no heat)
  • This invigorating and mindful series that Shawn developed incorporates strengthening postures as well as emphasizing stillness and focus. Postures are held longer than our flow classes. The practice allows for students to work with their breath while developing strength and flexibility. Be prepared to transform your practice. Open to all levels. It will challenge the experienced student, but moves slow enough for a newer student. (No Heat)