Zef Kambouris

QUOTE: When you can't sing.. Dance!- my mama

FIRST CLASS: My first class was at a local gym with my best friend. We giggled the whole time! I think the teachers name was Gabriella, she was really laid back and inspiring.

WHAT/WHO INSPIRES? Family, nature, traveling, music and art.

WHAT I LOVE ABOUT YOGA: The community that surrounds it. Especially at Metrowest. The people here are so beautiful inside and out. The trust and forgiveness that it has taught me. Mainly with myself. The deep connection between mind and body. I love the playfulness and exploration that comes with each practice. Yoga is true medicine.

WHAT I CANT LIVE WITHOUT? My tribe(family). Sunshine and pizza.

WHAT YOU MIGHT NOT KNOW ABOUT ME: I'm originally from a tiny greek island.

BEST ADVICE: You're exactly where you are suppose to be. I love that little reminder.

FAVORITE BOOK:There are too many good ones. BUT! Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark! The illustrations are brilliantly creepy and I love them.


LOCAL ESCAPE: Central rock gym and Ashland state park.

Favorite things to do: create art, people being my main canvas. I love to travel. Laughing until my abs hurt. Hearing my husband sing. Seeing live music. Being outside.

Zef Kambouris is currently not instructing any classes.