Stephanie & Cote

Stephanie & Cote instructs the following:
  • Good Friday Good Vibrations!
  • Join us for a fun and playful all-level hot flow sequence as Steph spins a blend of contemporary hit music! Elements of music therapy and yoga will be intertwined with a coordinated playlist of electronic, pop, dance, and reggae to provide an energetic rhythm for practice.

    How can Good Vibrations deepen your practice?

    * A mindfully crafted soundscape can provide opportunities for students to experience positive physiologic responses to music and movement. This stimulation can enhance a yoga practice as the body and breath naturally entrain to rhythm.

    * Our central nervous systems inherently match beat and tempo, making movements natural and automatic, which can further be explored with breath work in a vinyasa flow.

    * The brain responds positively to predictable, structured, and organized sound, which can either be used to energize or unwind the body when the music is deliberately chosen with these intentions.

    * As music taps into emotional experiences and memories, we often notice therapeutic effects when using music to work through areas of discord or tension.

    * Music provides a space for fun, social connection! Anthropologists and ethnomusicologists have found that all cultures throughout time and history have had active musical traditions, serving to connect community and enhance self-expression of the times.
    Friday, April 7, 2017
    7:15 pm - 9:15 pm

    Cost: Drop in $17
              (All class passes accepted)

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