Pamela Esty & Char Willingham

Pamela Esty & Char Willingham instructs the following:
  • Creativity and Self-Compassion (Workshop)
  • If you are an artist and are curious how yogic practices can feed your creativity, this workshop is for you! According to Brene Brown's research 85% of people remember a shaming event in child hood, with 50% of those events involve shaming around creative expression. Explore how combining self compassion with meditation, movement, writing, sound healing, and experimenting with watercolors can work together to free your creative energy. "You are a born maker and we need what you have to bring to the world, because only you can make it. Unused creativity is not benign." ~ Brene Brown Please come with a yoga mat, a journal and an open mind.

    Sunday  Nov. 5, 2017
    2:00pm - 4:00pm

    Cost (includes art supplies) :
    $30 (Day of Event)
    $25  (Early Bird)

    Char Willingham is a health, wellness & fitness professional, education specialist & national master trainer. She also works as a yoga teacher, reiki master and sound healer. Char combines her diverse background, which includes her training in meditation and experience in dance and movement, to encourage a heart opening, tension releasing, compassionate and deeply transformative journey through yoga, Reiki and sound.

    Pamela Esty is an artist, graphic designer, former creative director and yoga teacher. Esty’s approach is akin to the surrealist automatic writers. She approaches her paintings without sketching beforehand; laying paint upon paper, working from the center towards the edges, then drawing with ink to finish her pieces. “The creatures, beings, places come from my subconscious. I am fascinated by what happens with watercolor. I don’t try to control the water and paint, rather, I let it flow and with it my imagination.”