Liz Reilly

Liz Reilly instructs the following:
  • Mom & Tot Yoga
  • Share your love of yoga with your little one, while also nurturing your child and self. This class allows parents and caregivers to combine two passions and forms a community with other yoga practicing parents. Mom’s and Tot’s yoga focuses on a yoga practice primarily for caregivers, letting parents practice yoga, while their little ones socialize, play, sleep, or join in. This yoga class welcomes all skill levels, from beginners to well-groomed practitioners. Postures will also be modified to incorporate infants or toddlers, as needed. It also welcomes diaper changes, nursing, giggling, and playing for the young one’s. Classes will begin with a series of warming poses, standing postures, and meditate practices, all culminating towards a parent-child Savasana. Infants through pre-school are welcome; pre-natal mothers are also welcomed.