“We Value our Community”

Metrowest Yoga Gives Back

Each month the studio will choose a person or organization of  the month and pick a class to raise money for this individual/organization. We will donate proceeds from the class and any additional donations.  If you can’t make that class, please consider a donation. Any small amount would be greatly appreciated.



                                  Project Just Because

                                             Helping Families in Need from the Heart

Project Just Because is a non-profit charity that helps families in need with basic items. Our Project is dedicated to helping as many men, women and children as we can – providing dignity and love from the heart in a caring environment.

It is also our goal to educate families that want to help people but don’t know how. Our team can help generous families help others.



December 2013: Person of the Month was Christopher O’Donnell. We raised funds for a wheelchair van.

Chris is a 29 year old man with Cerebral Palsy (CP) who relies on a recumbent electric wheelchair as his only means of mobility. Chris has had CP since birth and got his first wheelchair when most kids were getting their first tricycle. Despite his physical limitations he completed his studies earning his B.A. in Sports Management from UMASS Amherst and works as an assistant high school basketball coach and has been coaching since age 16. He has also worked as a substitute teacher at his former high school. Chris relies on others to drive him to work, practices, games, and to get out of the house in general and as such having a wheelchair van is necessary for him to fulfill his roles. Over the years we have repaired, taped, welded and relied on luck and an amazing mechanic to keep his current van running but he has had to miss many of his obligations due to a lack of reliable transportation.


November  2013: Person of the Month was  a woman in our community with Cerebral Palsy. 


Metrowest Yoga would like to thank all you wonderful yogi’s for your support and donations for November’s Giving Back program. The recipient Jennifer Sappington has been battling Cerebral Palsy for a long time. Her courage to flow with the shifts of her ever changing body is admirable and inspiring. She is very grateful for the ability to attend her corrective exercise sessions. This would not have happened if the community didn’t huddle together to make it happen. For that we humbly bow :-)