Yoga Vacation in Umbria Italy
Yoga Vacation in Umbria Italy
Umbria, Italy at Locanda del Gallo
September 12- 19, 2015
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re-treat: A place affording peace, quiet, privacy or security

Here's what students who have attended Shawn's vacations have to say...
It's beautiful in this place, so quiet, so still
so perfect to be alone, so perfect to share

When I practice I feel like an open window
all of you are the wind that keeps the door ajar

~Terry( a poem written in Italy from a student at the 2012 retreat)
“Tom and I loved traveling to Italy with Shawn to participate in a yoga retreat at Locanda delle Gallo in the hills of Umbria. It was the perfect vacation~ a beautiful site with healthy and tasty food and wonderful sessions of yoga in the morning and afternoon. I felt as if I was nurturing my head, my body and my spirit. We took early morning walks in the hills overlooking Locanda and went for drives to the nearby Italian hill towns to take in the local culture. It was a priceless experience!”

~Tom a student at the 2010 retreat
Have you always dreamed of going to Italy? Do you love yoga and enjoy meeting new people and making new connections? Then this trip is for you! Join Shawn for this exciting trip that will allow you to explore this beautiful country and go home feeling healthier and happier.