Going away can be the first step toward coming home.
Going away can be the first step toward coming home.
Cost Rica
November 1 - 8, 2014
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“Many people have mis-conceptions about retreats. Some think they are tied to a particular religion or are very rigid and restricted. Some may be, but not mine. My retreats are a combination of good nutritious (and delicious!) food, fun but challenging yoga practices, some heartfelt soul searching and rest. You will deepen your practice, make new lifelong connections with new friends and leave feeling stronger, healthier and more relaxed than you’ve ever been.” Shawn Shaw

“The retreat to Pura Vida, Costa Rica provided me an opportunity it deepen my yoga practice and receive instruction on alignment and proper stance. All of a sudden, I was doing arm balances and asanas I never dreamed of doing! Shawn is a truly amazing woman and wonderful yoga instructor. The group dynamic was also amazing! I felt very comfortable just being me and completely transparent, knowing I had the support of the entire group. I would highly recommend doing a retreat with Shawn to anyone looking to deepen their yoga practice and make a personal transformation."
Join Shawn for a week of yoga, meditation and rest in one of the most beautiful places in Central America!