Meridian Yoga with Ray Mucci (ERYT 200)

Sunday, March 1, 2015
1:00pm - 3:30pm
Worcester Studio

Meridians are pathways that our life energy flows.  This energy is sometimes called chi, or qi, or in yoga, it’s called prana. Meridian yoga clears these pathways through deep stretching and thai massage techniques.

This workshop will be a partner-based exploration of a few of the meridian channels, primarily the meridian channels that run along the hamstrings, quadriceps and lateral hips.  With your partner, you’ll begin with deeply stretch these muscle groups and meridians using PNF techniques, and end by using thai bodywork techniques to massage the same muscles and channels.


PNF stretching is a stretching technique that utilizes our nervous system to quickly and safely stretch muscles far more effectively than regular stretching.  The massage techniques will help soothe and relax the muscles and the receiver’s nervous system.  You’ll leave this workshop feeling refreshed and revitalized.


You can come with a partner, or come alone and partner up with someone else at the workshop.


CEU’s: 2.5 credit hours thru Yoga Alliance

Bio: Ray has been teaching yoga since 2007, and has done numerous trainings on hands-on adjustments and is a licensed massage therapist in Massachusetts. He has also been teaching hands-on assisting in yoga teacher trainings, assistant trainings and assisting-based workshops for years, and incorporates assisted yoga postures into bodywork sessions on a regular basis.