I am new to your studio, but not new to Yoga. I have been a member of Metrowest for about a month and have enjoyed 4 - 5 classes weekly.I wanted to praise you for doing such a great job as a studio owner. Having run my own business for 15 years I know the energy, organizational skills, and passion it takes to do this. I appreciate the cleanliness, inviting atmosphere, friendliness of the staff and the expertise of your teachers. I have tried numerous studios over the decades. Believe me, very few offer the individual attention your staff provides. Looking forward to many more special moments. Thank you for your dedication to the art of Yoga.
Sue - a very satisfied customer!
Yesterday was my first time at Metrowest and I felt so comfortable from the moment I entered. Anne was very helpful and made me feel comfortable. She explained everything and showed me the studios. I absolutely loved Shawn's class, she embodies what a yoga teacher represents to me. I will definitely be taking classes at Metrowest. Thank you!
I was very lucky to find your studio--my college roommate asked me to join her for months and I finally did. And I am so absolutely thrilled I finally took her up on it. I fell in love with bikram yoga three years again while living in Vermont and practiced three times a week. Last year, I moved back to Massachusetts and tried to get back into bikram after almost a year without it. Sadly, it was a horrible experience--I spent the entire class alternating between sitting and laying on my map trying not to get sick because I was so dizzy. I have been weary to try yoga again--at least in a heated setting. I went to Erin's unheated class last Thursday, and I was immediately calmed in body, mind, and spirit.
I wanted to say thanks to you, and all the staff at metrowest yoga. I had/have a very serious injury and all medical professionals had been handing me bad news for the past year. Yoga has change my life- given me hope again. And inspired a healthy change both mentally and physically.I really enjoy the teachers and how each class a different inspiration is learned and implemented. Each day I make it to class seems better than the last. Thanks to y'all at both studios for the positive vibes!!!
Namaste! Katie
I enjoyed the class today- as I mentioned to you briefly after class the yoga has been a true delightful addition to my life. I am 54 years old and have five children (ages 26 to 15). They have a host of medical and mental health issues so everyday is a challenge for sure. I exercise everyday and that has been my way to balance my own mental health. I added the yoga just a couple of months ago and it has added another dimension to my life. Initially I was not so great with the "breathing" and figured if I kept my body coming, my mind and breathing would follow! Honestly, I think that both my mind and breathing are no longer following, but actually catching up! I am now beginning to understand the true meaning of the yoga practice. Your studio has wonderful instructors who are wonderful at guiding me (and others) through each practice. It seems to be that they know when my mind starts wandering and gently guide me back to the practice!
Judy Fask
I felt great after attending class today, even thought I am a little bit rusty! I will definitely come back to your studio when I return from vacation! I will give it a thumbs up to fellow yogis! Thanks.
Carol Rano
I can not tell you how much I enjoyed my first yoga class the other night. The instructor was fabulous, the atmosphere was energizing and calming all at once. This was my first class and I felt so comfortable at the studio and found myself wishing class wouldn't end! Looking forward to class tomorrow night. Thank You!
Lindsay Perry
I am e-mailing out of gratitude and appreciation for the warmth and healing present in the studio and the teachers at Metrowest. Coming to classes at the studio has a certain rhythm and routine which is predictable, but the messages and the instruction is always unique. I am a psychologist and every day I try to heal people with talk therapy. But, yoga - when taught and practiced well - invites healing that is often inaccessible to the mind and our thoughts ... this is the type of yoga you offer at Metrowest. I leave practice knowing that whatever awaits outside the door, I have enjoyed some protected time in practice and in the presence of healing words and spirits.
Tina Runyan
"I'm a big believer in expressing gratitude to those who have helped us along our paths. MYoga has been a blessing in my life since I moved to Worcester in June. Every instructor has welcomed me with open arms and the love and support I need. I feel better than I have in my life and my knee problems, which have plagued me since my sophomore year of HIGH SCHOOL (growing pains to the extreme) are finally under control. Thank you for creating a wonderful community and welcoming each new person with inspiration and love."
We had a great experience! I was thrilled by the boys reaction as they were positive and thankful that we organized the class. I am extremely proud of them and how they carried themselves. Many of the boys asked me at practice if we could do that every week. They spoke about how great it was and they were sincere in their comments. I would love to do this again. Thanks again for everything and please extend my gratitude to Shawn. You guys are amazing at what you do and have amazing patience.
Coach for Westboro Lacrosse Team
I really want to thank you, thank Shawn, and thank Metrowest Yoga for being such a fantastic place to learn and practice yoga! I've always had an interest in doing yoga before, but have never taken a class until my friend Linda introduced me to your studio last year. I wouldn't be able to afford going to yoga every week if it isn't for the studio's volunteering program. Not have I gotten completely hooked on the yoga classes here, I've also gained a new love for the smell and feel of laundry that's just been washed and dried. I look forward to coming in every week and seeing you at the desk or sometimes other volunteers and getting to know people here as I pick up or drop off the laundry. And it brings me extra satisfaction that I can give back to the studio after getting so much out of the great classes here. It has been such a great experience and I just want to say thanks. The teachers here are incredible. The students are all friendly and nice. It's just a great environment to be in. Yay for Metrowest Yoga
I went to my first class with Maryanne and LOVED it!!! I actually am a yoga teacher who right now is mostly doing outsource classes at work sites, which is SO SO different from a studio setting. It felt AMAZING to be a student and I really like the teaching style at your studio and you will see me more. I plan to go at least once a week....
shawn - today's class was magnificent - have never done your hot hatha and i LOVED it! thanks so much!
“I just wanted to share how much I am loving this new style of yoga you are bringing to the studio. Yoga has been so healing for me personally and I think "yoga as medicine" is really where my heart is I feel like it allows the space and time to connect with students a little more intimately, but in a way that still allows for their private space and allows them to feel safe”
" I have learned more while practicing yoga here, than my 200 hour certification at Kripalu. I thank you for sharing your extensive yoga training and experience. You have inspired and awakened my life."
“I just finished my introductory class pass at Metrowest and I LOVE IT! Your class Wednesday was one of the best classes I have ever taken!”
"I just wanted to take a moment to tell you what a great job you have done with the studio and with the teachers that you have on staff. I started back at Metrowest in September and I was going a couple times a week. It has been so great that I have been going almost every day. I love the fact that I can take a 90 min class one day and then a 60 minute class another day. Thank you for creating such a great place to practice yoga."
“ As I have shared with you before your beautiful studio has been and continues to be my sanctuary, and I hold a very special place in my heart for all of you. A few weeks ago my father passed away very unexpectedly. His passing has put a strain on my heart that I never knew existed. A few days after his passing my twin brother Evan flew home from his Naval ship in Japan. Upon his arrival he was struck with emotions he didn't know how to handle. I knew the only way to deal with the tragedy that had come upon us was to begin the healing process from the inside out....yoga.
Evan and I went to class that following night. Amongst all the pain that we were enduring, watching him practice yoga with a smile was the most beautiful contrast I have ever seen. We were amazed at the transformations that took place in our minds, hearts, and bodies in that short week. Being in the military, emotions are something you pretend don't exist, and I saw my brother learn to breathe, and confront his emotions. Learning to breathe is a lesson that will stay with him for the rest of his life.I can't express how wonderful it feels to be back in the studio, open my heart, let go and let the healing progress.
I want to thank you all for your amazing words, full hearts, and for sharing the gift of breath with my family and I."
“It was a true pleasure taking your class this a.m. I have been meaning to send you a congratulations note in regard to the opening and expansion of your Yoga Studios!! That is absolutely fantastic. After a hiatus due to summer with kids and full time work, it was AWESOME to return to the studio today. The class was absolutely awesome!”
“Thank you so much for emailing me! I had done yoga a bit a while back, but when I came to Metrowest, I had a completely different experience. I absolutely fell in love with hot yoga. The vibe and energy in the studio is absolutely amazing”
“Your yoga teachers and support staff are excellent. I have experienced Baron and Sherri Baptiste's classes. I'm very pleased to participate and return to my practice at this beautiful yoga studio.”
Thank you for class last Friday. Meng's hands on adjustments during the 5.30 class were some of the best I've ever experienced. I spoke to Tanya and Pamela after class too, very kind people in your community.

Thank you Shawn. You have built a terrific team that consistently creates a very welcome, supportive environment in the studio. Last August, after years of invites from my neighbor Paul on his way to Yoga down the street, I finally agreed to give it a try. My first impression was so positive that I had to come back. Now I cannot stay away! What a fit for me- I am so fortunate to have this in my life.

Continued success and peace.