What to Expect?

Like most things, yoga doesn’t always feel as good as it can the very first time. We ask that you commit to trying at least 3 classes before making up your mind. You will begin to feel a sense of ease not only in your body, but in your spirit! You will feel healthier, stronger, more open and energetic, more patient and more joyful!

Your First Class:

(also see “beginner’s” page for helpful information)

Please arrive 10 – 15 minutes early for your first class. This will give you time to register, meet your instructor, ask any questions you may have and take a tour of the studio.

Hydration is important so drink plenty of water the day of your class. Some yoga exercises squeeze and flush your kidneys; this releases toxins in your body. You need water to help flush those toxins out. Bring water to class as well and it is extremely important to drink water after class as you will be sweating. Drinking water will help your body more efficiently replenish the fluid that was lost during class.

Yoga is best done on an empty stomach, so try not to eat at least two hours before class. If you must eat, fruit is the best option as it is easily digested.

Wear light, breathable clothing that you will be comfortable sweating in and that will not restrict your movement. You will not need shoes during class so make sure you take them off before entering the studio.

Don’t push yourself too hard in class. Don’t be frustrated if you feel like a beginner. You are! Frustration will only limit your growth. It takes time to learn each posture and to get used to the heat. ENJOY your experience; its the best way to get the full benefit of what yoga has to offer. Remember that consistent practice is important. You will only improve over time.

How it will feel?

  • After one class you will feel invigorated.
  • After a month of practice you will feel more energized and less stressed.
  • Your skin will look healthier through better blood circulation giving you better color and tone.
  • Your body will begin to change, looking better and operating more efficiently.
  • You will be more flexible and your metabolic heart rate will slow down and improve.
  • After 6 months, your immune system improves. You will look healthier and more vibrant and experience mental clarity.
  • Your energy level will be up and your stress level will go down. Your yoga sessions make you feel better for a good reason; physical stimulation, lymphatic and cardiovascular circulation and reduction of toxins.

Everyone  ends the practice by saying the word “Namaste” which means “The light in me, honors and bows to the light in you”.