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Shamanic Healing/Reiki Sessions



    Pricing for Sessions:

*Shamanic Healing $115-1.5 hr


* Reiki    $70 - 75min.


  • Sessions are held at Metrowest Yoga in Worcester/Millbury



**To schedule an appointment with Cheryl call/text 508 333-6453

- Shamanic Healing Treatments -

Lying on a massage table fully clothed. This is a combination of Reiki and Shamanic Healing. Cheryl enters into a Shamanic State. She is guided to receive information that is helpful for the recipient. This is a very relaxing experience.

Wear comfortable clothing, bring a notebook and pen to write down information at the end.

- Reiki Sessions -

The Japanese word for "Universal Life Energy". The practitioner channels the energy to the recipient by "laying of hands". It promotes a state of total relaxation, enhances well-being, revitalizes the body, mind, and spirit. It is self-regulating one receives what one needs. Reiki is not a substitute for medical care or counseling. Wear comfortable clothing.


Bio: Cheryl A. Johnson

Shamanic Practitioner, Registered Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master. Cheryl began her studies in 1997 of Shamanism under Dr. Carin Roberge, Shamanic Practitioner, Clinical Psychologist, Harvard graduate.


She attributes this ancient practice with her own healing after the loss of her two brothers, father and mother. It was again facing another challenge in 2011 when her oldest son, a United States Marine stepped on an I.E.D while serving in Afghanistan. It was this practice along with yoga and meditation that facilitated the healing of herself and son. Cheryl’s passion and commitment to learning and sharing this with her clients is heartfelt.

She is also a Yoga Teacher at a Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center. She teaches a class she started through her experiences with her son that is a combination of yoga and meditation and conversation. It is for Military, First Responders and Nurses. 


Cheryl is a Reiki Master and since 1999 has worked with clients privately. She takes referrals only.