Continuing Education for Yoga Teachers


Continued Education for Teachers and Aspiring Students

Metrowest Yoga is  offering a series of courses in addition to our Teacher Trainings throughout the year. Each of these trainings will focus on

specialized and advanced trainings to increase our knowledge and make us better teachers and students

Each provide the necessary CEU’s needed to keep your certifications up to date


Fundamental Functional Anatomy for Yoga Teachers w/Ray Mucci (ERYT 200)boney

CEU’s: 17 credit hours

This six week course covers basic human physiology, musculoskeletal anatomy and anatomical terms.  


The course will begin with basic anatomical terminology and an overview of bones, joints, and muscles and the actions they produce.  New material will be covered each week, presented through lecture, discussion, images, skeletal models, palpation, and movement.  


Muscle names, locations and actions will be explored individually, as well as in groups relative to the actions they produce in general and in yoga poses.  When this information is related to yoga poses, it will give teachers a deeper understanding of why they are using certain alignment cues, why students might deviate from neutral alignment.  


To further encourage information retention, the second, third, fourth and fifth week of the course will begin with a test of the previous week’s material, and each week will have a homework assignment.  


Dates: Mondays: 4/27; 5/4, 5/11, 5/18; 6/1, 6/8  2015  (Skips May 25th, Memorial Day) 

Location: Worcester Studio

Cost; $250 full session


Ray 01-31-09 10Bio: Ray Mucci is an ERYT-200, allowing this course to count as 12 hours of continuing ed for Yoga Alliance.  He is also a licensed massage therapist and teaches anatomy for yoga teachers with several teacher training programs.



Entering the Stream – YinYasa Teacher Training w/Theresa Murphy (ERYT 500)

 CEU’s  – 27 credit hours


Continuing Education for Yoga Teachers –  Learn how to teach slow core vinyasa classes in the signature YinYasa style of Theresa Murphy. Take a deeper dive into your strength, suppleness, anatomy and embodying your practice during these intimate Tuesday workshops.

Photo by ©Andrew J BaranThis is active learning: using lecture, discussion and practice, these workshops focus on development of  teaching skills and explore what it is to transmit information with skill. Movement experiences will let you connect with the structures you’re learning about in a richer context than from books alone.

Sessions include:

  • Level 2/3 group practices led by Theresa
  • Breakdown and discussion of each sequence
  • Theory on building to “peak” poses in a class
  • Theory on how to structure your class to focus on a particular body part
  • Information on how to “level up” and “level down” poses
  • Learn to describe and name what you see and feel
  • Learn to speak from your experience
  • Learn to create a container for students to have their own experiences

Dates:  Tuesdays (2015)

1/6, 20

2/3, 2/17


5/5, 19

6/2, 16

Time: 12:30 – 3:30pm

Cost: $320 Full Session/$45 per class

Location: Worcester Studio

**This training  count towards credit hour electives for MetroWest Yoga’s 300 hour advanced TT  program.


The Art and Science of Skillful Sequencing w/Cindy Boulter (ERYT 200, RYT 500)

CEU’s: 17 credit hours

In this continuing education series you will learn a formula for sequencing that you can apply to any type of Yoga class, how to skillfully sequence towards a crescendo and how to design themed classes.

We will explore the following : Class architecture

  •  What makes a class well balanced and sattvic
  •  Fascial lines of the body and what order to open them
  •  Anatomical actions of poses
  •  What needs to be strengthened and what needs to be released
  •  Effective Counterbalancing
  • How to weave in class themes

Each week we will collectively design a skeleton of a class based on a formula that will take you through all the steps required to build a class that is sattvic and prepares the body for the crescendo and then unwinds any tension created.

Mondays 12:00pm – 3:00pm  1/5, 12, 19, 26, 2015

Location: Worcester Studio

Cost: $180 full session/ $45 Drop in



Bio : Cindy Boulter, BSc., ERYT 200, RYT 500, Yoga Therapeutics

Cindy has been in the fitness industry for over 20 years and has been teaching Yoga since 2003. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences, and has studied extensively with numerous teachers, completing over 1000 hours of training, including training in Yoga Therapeutics with Dr. Bo Forbes. She also has assisted and taught classes at Kripalu for Bo’s sessions on Yoga for Anxiety and Depression. Cindy’s seminars and workshops on making the most of life through communication, yoga and fitness have been presented throughout Canada, the US and Japan, and she is part of the teaching faculty for Metrowest Yoga’s 200 Hour Course.

**This training  count towards credit hour electives for MetroWest Yoga’s 300 hour advanced TT  program.

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