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RYS 200 HR200 RYT Teacher Training Oct 13, 2017 - May 5, 2018


Metrowest Yoga blends the ancient Eastern art of yoga with the modern Western approach to exercise science and healing. This training is a current day approach to this ancient healing practice. Metrowest Yoga creates an atmosphere of healing and personal transformation while training you to be an authentic, confident and capable teacher. As you learn the skill of teaching, you will also discover your tremendous strength, an inner calm and the brilliance of your spirit. You will learn how to teach from your heart and from your deepest personal experiences.

Whether to strengthen your personal practice or learn how to teach yoga, view this experience as training in how to live life more fully.

*** What a moving and powerfully positive day! Truly one of the most special experiences of my life. I expect that the power of this day and these eight months will only grow in our hearts and memories as the years go by. Let's keep this flame alive!
During today's bowing ceremony, I was just awestruck by the beauty of the moment and by this group of amazing people. With all the chaos swirling around us in the world today, it was so heartening and uplifting to witness such an expression of true love and goodness.
Shawn, Anne, Cindy, Ray, you're all angels (especially you up there in heaven, Ray ;-). What an extremely fortunate group of people we all are!

**** You four are very amazing teaches and are an inspiration to aspire to!
Thank you
Be blessed

***Thank you all for sharing this wonderful journey. 
When I had contemplated  teacher training in the last few years, I would have never dreamed that it would be be this amazing. 
I look forward to seeing you all in class,and teaching or assisting  in the very near future...I  wish you all the best!!
Much Love to you all,

***Thank you Paula! You are one beautiful woman, awesome human being and I am blessed to have you and the rest of Yogis in my life! I love you all!
Thank you!

Metrowest Yoga is a 200 hr RYS thru Yoga Alliance

Early Registration Discount. ($200 discount paid in full by Sept. 13, 2017)

Elements of our 200-Hour Training Program

Yoga History & Philosophy

  • Yoga Past and Present

  • The Eight Limb Path of Patanjali

  • The Eightfold Path of Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha)

Anatomy and Physiology

  • Movement Principles

  • Pranayama – Breath technique

  • Exploring the connection between Mind, Body and Spirit

Teaching Techniques/Practice

  • Yoga Asanas (postures)

  • When and how to modify

  • Safe Assisting

  • Effective Sequencing

  • Teaching Beginners

  • Meditation techniques

Elements of an Effective teacher

  • Art of  Cueing

  • Creating a positive environment that encourages transformation

  • Yoga Teacher Ethics

  • Living True

  • Practicing what you preach


Weekend hours

Fridays 6:00pm – 8:30pm

Saturdays 8:00am – 5:00pm

Sundays 8:00am – 5:00pm

Dates 2017/2018
Oct.  13-15
Nov.  17-19
Dec.  15-17
Jan.  19-21
Feb. 9-11
Mar. 9-11
Apr. 6-8
May  4-5


  • Attend all eight weekend intensives

  • Observe/assist additional classes with designated instructors (16 hours total) This translates to attending  any classes at Metrowest Yoga or approved studios and watching, observing, taking notes. It doesn’t include practicing at Metrowest Yoga.

  • Maintain a daily journal 3-5 and meditation practice

  • Practice a minimum of 3x a week at a Metrowest Yoga location (our training focuses 100% on you teaching from the direct experience of your own practice, without this you cannot teach authentically. There may be some flexibility on where you do your 3 practices depending on circumstances.)

Make up Policy:

Make up hours are available up to 8 hrs. Can be made up in applicable workshops and future 200 HR Training.
All other hours need to be discussed with the Program Director and will be discussed at the training.

Reading List

How Yoga Works by Michael Roach and Christie McNally

Yoga Sutras of Patanjali : Ancient Wisdom for Your Yoga by Geshe Michael Roach and Lama Christie McNally

Seven Spiritual Laws of Success  by Deepak Chopra

Wherever you go, there you are   by Jon Kabot-Zinn

The Key Muscles of Yoga: Scientific Keys Volume 1   by Ray long

Program Fee

$2,899 (paid in full by September 13, 2017 savings $200)
$3,099 (after September 13, 2017)
Full deposit payment of $500 is needed to secure your placement. This payment is non-refundable.

Payment plans are available as follows;

      • $500 deposit with application

      • $500 by first weekend

      • $500 by second weekend

      • $500 by third weekend

      • $500 by fourth weekend

      • $599 by fifth weekend

**(If on payment plan and drop out prior to training ending you are responsible for paying the full amount of the training)

Discounted Class Pass
 *10% discount offered on 10 class passes
 *$79 Monthly Autopay (Regular cost $99)


MYoga Teacher Training Application:

MYoga Teacher Training Application


200 HR TT Full Payment

How to Register
  • Please call Anne at  (617)-710-5405 to register or any with questions /concerns or to make a payment or deposit.