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Metrowest Yoga WORK PROGRAM (SEVA)


Work Exchange Program


The Metrowest Yoga community welcomes dedicated students interested in work exchange at either of our locations. We are looking for reliable, enthusiastic and dedicated students who are interested in giving to our community in exchange for free classes. We ask you to commit for at least 6 months and to treat the position like you would a job. As a work exchanger many people rely on the work you do so dependability and working well under pressure is essential.

Opportunities available: door coverage, block cleaning, blanket/mat/bolster cleaning.

Trading occurs on a weekly basis for hours worked.

Door coverage: 1 hour shift – 1/2 hour before and 1/2 hour after class

  • Block Cleaning: 1 hour (bi-weekly) – can work around your schedule and studio schedule.

  • Blanket/mat/bolster cleaning – 1.5 hours (once a month) – can work around your schedule and studio schedule

If you are interested, we invite you to come in for an initial training/meeting with our Work Exchange Coordinator. You’ll meet for 1.5 hours to go over the list of  responsibilities and work through a typical shift focusing on our expectations regarding attention to detail, efficiency, reliability and quality of work. We take pride in our beautiful studios, and our exceptional customer service in keeping our business running smoothly.

If you would like to learn more about joining our team of exceptional work exchangers please contact Julie

Following opportunities currently available:

Westboro Location

Door Coverage:

Wednesday 9:30am Flow (75 min)

Saturday 8am Flow (90 min) -assist desk staff

Saturday 10am Flow (90 min)-assist desk staff

Saturday 4:30pm Flow (90 min)

Sunday 8am Slow Flow (90 min) - assist desk staff

Sunday 10am Flow (90 min) - assist desk staff 

Sunday 2:45pm Flow (75 min)

Blanket/Mat Cleaning  -  (monthly)